Apr 13

5th Annual Conference: Atlanta, Georgia

On behalf of the Ogoni Youth Network-USA (OYN), I would like to invite you to join us as we return back to Georgia for our 5th Annual Conference.  The conference will be held December 15th – 16th in Atlanta, Georgia where we were founded in 2008.

The annual conference will highlight our achievements on our three initiatives (academic excellence, professional & leadership development and social welfare), the possibilities of what we can achieve through support, initiatives and responsibility, and our partnership with Birabi Memorial Grammar School (BMGS).

Please join us for 2012 conference and partake in fun activities including fundraising events for our scholarship program, fashion show, dance and much more.

Proceeds made from the conference will be used in furthering OYN’s goal to continually cultivate leaders and create outreach programs that focus on education and health awareness.

Peach State here we come. Hope to see you there.

OYN Planning Committee

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