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Opportunity to Develop or Enhance your Leadership Skills

The Ogoni Youth Network, USA invites all aspiring Ogoni youth leaders to apply for elected positions. The leadership term requires a two-year commitment from aspirants who will receive hands-on mentoring from previous leaders and a team of advisors. This is truly an opportunity for all of us young people of Ogoni to make positive impact in the Ogoni community and the communities we serve at large.
OYN active and non-active members who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:
1. Over the age of 18;
2. Team oriented & Passionate about Ogoni;
3. Not currently in crisis with the law or have an open criminal case;
4. Excellent written and communication skills;
5. Able to commit to weekly and monthly meetings;
6. An interest and dedication in working collaboratively with a group of professional individuals and;
7. An ability to travel to Nigeria to do work on behalf of the Organization.
The positions that are available are:
1. President;
2. Vice President;
3. Secretary;
4. Treasurer;
5.  Public Relations Officer;
6. Project Manager.


Note: Training will be provided to all new board members. This is a great opportunity  to “serve Ogoni” at youthful age and use your experience to help shape the future prospect Ogoni Youths globally as well as develop some leadership skills for yourself.  Your collective success will  also help advance the future of OYN as an organization. We are looking for individuals that are selflessly dedicated to the organization, dedicated to growth and change, and genuinely want to be actively involved in paving the path for a brighter future.
Please contact us at network.ogoniyouth@gmail.com expressing your interest and you will be sent an application form to fill out, as well as instructions to accessing campaign platforms.
The application process will begin in October 15, 2016.


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  1. Miracle B. Olulu

    I like the new OYN website, its perfect. The menu features are really cool and add more pictures of members and events.

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