About Us

The Ogoni Youth Network (OYN) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that was founded on Dec. 19, 2008. in Atlanta Georgia. The purpose of the organization is to cultivate a society of youth in Ogoniland, Nigeria that have an opportunity to develop a brighter future  through access to education, health, and leadership opportunities. 

Mission Statement:

To inspire the next generation of leaders by enabling outreach programs that focuses on education, health  and community stewardship through which the Ogoni Youth Network can be the impetus of positive change in Nigeria.

Vision Statement:

To  become  the premier organization that advocates for the development of young people. In line with our mission statement, we are committed to developing intensive programs aimed at increasing the participation of the Ogoni youth and other under-represented  youths in the areas of education, heath and social development through mentoring and scholarships  made possible by our sponsors and partnering organizations.

Membership Demographic:

Our membership is based primarily in the United States, with some members based in international settings. Highlighted below are our membership demographics. 

  • Pre-Collegiate (High school age 15+ membership)
  • Collegiate: Undergraduate & Graduates
  • Practicing Professionals
The Ogoni Youth Network


OYN’s leadership consists of board members that serve to uphold the mission of the organization while actualizing the Organization’s vision.  This year’s leadership is an interim board consisting of: Kale Kponee(Chair) Niabari Chinyere Dugbor (Assist Chair) Barivure Gbaraba(Secretary)  

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Tumultous History of the Ogoni People

The Ogoni Youth Network (OYN) is comprised of a microcosmic blend of the 80,000 displaced Ogoni people from the southeastern part of Nigeria. Because the Ogoni people protested widespread unregulated oil drilling practices that resulted in dangerous exposure to petroleum toxins and the displacement of hundreds of citizens; we  were subjected to brutal violence and systematically …

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