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Jan 19


  Opportunity to Develop or Enhance your Leadership Skills The Ogoni Youth Network, USA invites all aspiring Ogoni youth leaders to apply for elected positions. The leadership term requires a two-year commitment from aspirants who will receive hands-on mentoring from previous leaders and a team of advisors. This is truly an opportunity for all of …

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Jan 08


OYN wants to thank our webmaster David Conroy for his continual support of the organization through paying for the renewal of our website domain. We are thankful for individuals like him that continue to invest in our organization.

Jan 08


For the Ogoni people that are living abroad that miss Ogoni music videos, we uploaded one just for! For our friends who want to know about the Ogoni culture, here’s a great video to get you started on learning about how dance techniques and beats. Enjoy!!!!    

Jan 08


OYN is proud to announce that our 6th annual conference will be held this year in Atlanta, Georgia on June 26th-June 29th. The focus of this conference will be grooming great learders, rebuilding OYN, and refocusing our efforts in Ogoniland. Come join us for a weekend of inspiring dialogues, fundraising, and different showcases. We can’t …

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Jul 16

OYN 5th Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

With great excitement, the Ogoni Youth Network cordially invites you to the 5th annual Ogoni Youth Network Conference that will hold in Atlanta, Georgia on December 14-17th 2012. Those that have been a part of OYN from the beginning will realize that Atlanta, Georgia was the birthplace of OYN and will have the opportunity to physically see …

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May 31

Congratulation to all graduating High School Students

Ogoni Youth Network would like to congratulate all graduating High School students’ class of 2012 for a job well done, the journey has only begun. As you begin a new passage in your life take heart, work hard and believe in yourself with full confidence for it shall all pay off at the end. As …

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May 07

Success on Finals

Ogoni Youth Network wishes every student success on finals and for those that are graduating, congratulations and the journey has only begun!!! Be blessed and stay safe

Apr 23

Scholarships for Students

The Ogoni Youth Network prides itself on the academic excellence of its members and encourages all to obtain the highest level of education possible by creating initiatives that create access to quality education and passing along information that may benefit others in their educational pursuits. Knowing that financing an education can be expensive, it is …

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Apr 13

5th Annual Conference: Atlanta, Georgia

On behalf of the Ogoni Youth Network-USA (OYN), I would like to invite you to join us as we return back to Georgia for our 5th Annual Conference.  The conference will be held December 15th – 16th in Atlanta, Georgia where we were founded in 2008. The annual conference will highlight our achievements on our …

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Nov 21

Another Successful Year!!!!

OYN is personally thanking Sunebari and his family for single handedly hosting the most successful OYN annual conference yet, thank you Sune. OYN is also thanking all of its committed members for taking time out of their busy schedules for this shared cause, and boldly electing their new leaders.

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