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  1. Prince Kpea, GF. Menefeghe1

    IDEAS, THOUGHTS, VISIONS, and even DREAMS are not ours. We can not lay claims and beat our chest to them. They are all God-Given. Interpretations to them are ours. That’s why ideas comes to be misleading, thouhts comes to be mischevious, visions comes out to be disastrous, and dreams nightmarish. Children, kids, and youths are always very transparent. That ‘s why God loves them. Can you guys be TRANSPARENT? Be STRONG, FEARLESS, TRANSPARENT, BE OBIDIENT NOT TO A FAULT, AND BE COURAGEOUS to meet the demands of OGONI NATION. Ogoni need you now.

  2. ledum

    Thank you Chief for your insightful comment. OYN is positioned to be that voice of change and a symbol of courage for all Ogonis. Your support is highly needed and we hope you’ll continue to share your thoughts with us.

  3. Adamgbo

    Dear President,

    I am proud of the success of OYN. I love the enthusiasm, optimism and programs. One thing is clear, Ogoni children are the most oppressed and suppressed children in the world and any effort at alleviating their sufferings is much appreciated. Thanks to the leadership of OYN for your vision. You represent hope to the hopeless. “Keep the faith”.


    The Adamgbos.

    1. ledum

      Dear Comrade Adamgbo & Family,

      The leadership of OYN are very grateful for your acknowledgment. We are motivated by the fact that our membership are committed to giving voices to others like us. We know the task and the expectations are enormous especially being that we are in the U.S. but your encouraging words will go a long way to strengthen us.

      Thanks again.

      Ledum Nordee
      Pres. OYN

  4. Kale Kponee

    Yes, we hope through unity and equality, we can use our voice and our privilege to impact change in the Ogoni Land. Transparency is very important and weeds that seek to strangle our struggle and progress must be uprooted. We hope we can stand strong as a courageous organization that we speak out on the equality and oppression of the Nigerian government and train our youth to be the voice of change in Nigeria as well as throughout the world!


    I want to appreciate the great Vision of the Young Ogoni Youths…who has read about our past, seen the present and has engrave the future of the Ogoni Land in their mind. “Great people are ordinary people with extra amount of determination” These are ordinary young Youths who carries the OGONI future at heart. The road to greater and better Ogoni begins with young heart like the OYN …who has a bleeding heart to make Ogoni LAND a peace haven. I seek the unity of all Young Ogoni Youths home and abroad to place their support to bridge the gab for a greater and better Ogoniland. Its all about sacrifices that we need to offer to make our land a place to be. It starts with you as an Ogoni son’s and daughter’s . Though it may seems impossible to liberate our Land BUT be rest assured that “when a seed is buried it dies and germinate a new seed” Therefore I see the OYN as the new seed that will make Ogoniland be a HEAVEN…UNITY OF MIND IS THE SPINAL>CORD for greater OGONILAND.
    TAABOO, Moses

  6. Michael Porp-Kokoh

    The Ogoni Youth Network can be a phenomenal factory for human capacity development for Ogoni youths. I believe it holds great dividends for our youths who meaningfully engage themselves in its programs and projects. Ogoni parents should see this organization as a necessary and clear path to a great future and heritage for our young ones, and should encourage its progress by allowing their children to join.
    I would however, like to enjoin the members and leadership to consider broadening the vision and focus of the organization by locating and connecting more Ogoni youths and focusing for the most part, on themselves, how to encourage and network with each other. Like a gosepel mission, this movement can do a great job of saving young men and women of Ogoni that otherwise would have fallen through the cracks of the complex western world or melted away by the melting pot of a consuming new world. In summary, I encourage you to focus more on building and strengthening an enduring network of Ogoni youths who care about each other as a way of sustaining the great heritage of Ogoni.

    1. OYN-Response

      Dear Mr. Porp-Kokoh:

      on behalf of the Ogoni Youth Network, we congratulate you as the Organizing Sec elect of MOSOP-USA. We’d also like to thank you for your kind words of encouragment. We look forward to working with individuals like you and also with the current MOSOP-USA administration.

  7. TomBari G. McFini

    By this small beginning, the Ogoni youth have demonstrated their commitment to Ogoni and have built a glamorous philosophical and structural foundation that would eventually become the cornerstone of the future of Ogoni. I advise all members to commit to the set goal, tenets and shared philosophy of the group and never under-estimate the power of a little beginning neither discouraged by the ephemeral challenges the group may face. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and the step has been taken in grand style.

    I pledge my support.

    1. OYN-Response

      Dear Mr. Mcfini:

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragment and your public pledge to support us in achieving the vision of the Youth Network. We look forward to senior members of the Ogoni community like yourself for support and to aid our continuous development.

  8. Gbeneton Koboo aka Koboman

    I am very encouraged by the formation of OYN. It should serve as a key link to always remind the youths of who they are. It should be a forum for unfettered interaction among our young people. Our young people may lose their sense of identity, culture and tradition and easily to get lost in the diaspora without a forum like this. I look forward to the day my children will be old enough to join. Meanwhile, may I encourage parents to allow their wards who are of age to be part of this laudable organization. OYN you can always count on my support.

    1. OYN-Response

      Dear Koboman:

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragment. We look forward to senior members of the Ogoni community like yourself for support and to aid our continuous development.

  9. sampson ngbii agbe

    Dear leaders

  10. Kate, Wisdom

    Dear OYN,
    Thank you for creating a superb website like this where the voice of the less privileged Ogoni people are heard. We shall succeed one day and all our struggles shall be history to be taught among school children. I am the person in charge of the great HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS CLUB, BORI-OGONI. We started the movement in 2008 and since then, we have recorded enormous success. You can check on us on our webpage at and on facebook @
    Once again, thank you very much for the great piece of work.

    Kate, Wisdom.
    HURAC Int’l Representative
    For and on behalf of all HURAC member

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