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A large part of our donations come from our membership and collaborations. OYN wants to thank the following individuals and organizations that have invested in the organization, and by doing so invested in the future of Ogoni Youth.  MOSOP-STL  Saint Louis University-Students United for Africa (SUFA)  David Conroy Ted Kpone-Tonwe Adebayo Dawodu Wale Olubodun   …

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  1. Sakanwi Godspower

    Let’s stop fighting. I ♥ Ogoni land.

  2. Baridor Godwin Larry Deekor

    want to be part of the bridge building.

    1. Nedum B

      We will love to have you in the network

  3. victor taneh

    Nice one Brother’s keep up…hopes to be part of this network building project,.

    1. Nedum

      You are Definitely welcome to join, you can join in on our next General body Conference this sunday at 5 PM eastern

  4. Hope Yobo

    Am so proud of u guys, just keep d flag flying.

  5. Emmanuel Bariture Ngbee

    i love what guys are doing and your vision the development of the youth. Let it go beyond association, because ogoni need to get to their promise land. I’d really love to be a part of the effort. Let your voices be heard

    1. Bridget

      Thank you for the encouragement and support, we appreciate it. Please send us your contact information to so we can further discuss opportunities for OYN to expand and flourish in accomplishing our goals and assisting Ogoni Youths.

  6. steven dineh

    there’s no way those who have sacrifies their life for the course of justice in ogoniland will be happy if we did not cnntinue from were they stop,with our collective effort we can let the world t no that ogoni people still exist and that justice is yet to come.the struggle is not over untill we win.

  7. Promise Neton

    We all wish to see a reformed Ogoni.

  8. Imeah Nuadum Alfred

    I thank God for giving my people a single mind, to come together for a better plans for our people. I asked a question, that who can be the Herold of the Ogonis? I will like to be a member of this noble organization, to share and focus my attention on the goals and objectives of the Organization. And to make sure that we have a branch here in Nigeria, so that we can create an impact in the life of our people.

  9. Temple N.M

    Gbene……………. OGONI >>>>>> BUEKA am really please with the works of this great organization, i pray for more wisdom from God for you guys………..Any way to be a member, i am interested…… let’s keep it pumping

  10. Nekabari Goka

    Glad to see that there is an effort to maintain a sense of community among the Ogoni people here in the US. Looking forward to getting involved where I can.


    “Gbere Gokana. Gbere Ogoni”

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