Jul 16

OYN 5th Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

With great excitement, the Ogoni Youth Network cordially invites you to the 5th annual Ogoni Youth Network Conference that will hold in Atlanta, Georgia on December 14-17th 2012. Those that have been a part of OYN from the beginning will realize that Atlanta, Georgia was the birthplace of OYN and will have the opportunity to physically see the vast improvement and growth of OYN in only 5 short years. New members, in the same location in which this great organization was founded, will have the opportunity to be a part of the planning and execution of OYN’s next 5 years.

We encourage all, family, friends, well-wishers, to come and be part of the annual conference. We also highly recommend for fellow Ogoni parents to encourage your children, regardless of age, to become a part of OYN and its initiatives and also to attend our annual conferences. This will serve as a means of grounding the young one in the values and traditions of the Ogoni people while creating an avenue for them to build great networking skills with fellow Ogoni youths in different professions varying from law, business, and the health care.

This will be a great conference and we look forward to seeing everyone in December! If you have any questions please email us at: contact@ogoniyouthnetwork.org.

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  1. Sampson Barisua

    I thanks the OYN, and i am encourage every members of this great body to keep it up. The very day i saw this organization on net i was so impressed, and i say God we be yours strength Amen.

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