Jun 01

Annual Conference: Nashville Tennessee

December 15th – 18th:   

Ramada Inn (615) 793-9100
109 Enterprise Blvd

La Vergne, TN 37086

Reservation Under: Ogoni Youth Network
$63.95+tax double beds or 1 king – Group rate
Complimentary Breakfast
Exercise Room Available




Apr 15


Big thank you to our kind hearted webmaster, Mr. Dave Conroy. Dave was introduced to OYN through a co-worker who was asked to help in searching for a low cost web developer. Dave has a great passion for helping non profit organizations and he currently serves on the board of directors for his community Boys & Girls club. Building websites just so happens to be one of his many hobbies, and at no cost to the organization, Dave have helped in transforming the image of OYN online. He has joined our facebook group and has been interested in learning about the Ogonis. For this and also his financial donation, we say thank you Dave!

Apr 07

April & May 2012: Birthday Celebrants

Happy Birthday to:

{Bariziga Babana – April 14}

{Henok Kebede – April 17}

{Feefe Yorka – May 10}

{Nedum Bakor – May 18}

{Best Pio – May 19}

{Barivura kordah – May 23}

{Sunebari Ndam – May 27}


Apr 06

Key Strategies

Focusing on three critical initiatives within our community in response to the perils of our young people at their very developmental stages:




The embodiment of OYN and its strategic planning will seek to:
– Foster environment that supports each student’s intellectual, health, social, and professional development
– Promote collaboration with higher institutions and trustworthy adults to provide mentoring and advocacy
– Generate opportunities for our youths to develop their identity, learn about their strengths, demonstrate their own competence, and plan for their own future.

Mar 28

Are you in favor of a bi-annual Conference?

In an effort to accommodate the request of the membership, there is a proposal to host a bi-annual conference: one in June and the other in December (as usual).

Please provide your feedback on the proposal and indicate why you are in favor of two conferences or opposed to the idea. Based on the feedback provided, we’ll have a poll test to develop a qualitative data  to evaluate the options.

Mar 17

The Ogoni Struggle

SHELL’s environmental negligence in Ogoni and the condition of the people in the areas where oil and other vital resources are being extracted daily. How do we hold big corporations responsible for their actions in foreign countries?

Mar 14

Welcome to the OGONI Youth Network!

Our Goal is to cultivate a leadership based society by enabling outreach programs that focuses on education, health and leadership development through which the Ogoni Youth Network can be the impetus of positive change.

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