Apr 23

Scholarships for Students

The Ogoni Youth Network prides itself on the academic excellence of its members and encourages all to obtain the highest level of education possible by creating initiatives that create access to quality education and passing along information that may benefit others in their educational pursuits. Knowing that financing an education can be expensive, it is with great joy that we announce possible scholarship opportunities that may help alleviate those burdens. We ask that you please visit www.blackstudents.blacknews.com/ or Ogoniyouthnetwork.org to browse the scholarships. With various scholarships being handed out based on different qualifications, we strongly encourage everyone to take the time to search which ones pertain to you, and then apply for it. Many students refrain from applying for scholarships because they feel unqualified and doubt that they will be awarded; however, your chances of being awarded the scholarship is far greater when you send in an application, than when you do not so do not disqualify yourself. An education is a valuable investment in ensuring a successful future. Take advantage of opportunities to fund your education FOR FREE.


  1. Monday N. Kogbara

    Hi Fellows,
    I am happy for my stand today as one of the pioneer of great Ideas and cause like Movement for the survival of the Ogoni People.( MOSOP,) as also appreciate all your effort as noble son’s and daughter’s of the brighter Sun of Ogoni, Today. and Tomorrow. I also observed in you all great zeal of quality as intellect.
    And also the effort but no matter what ? our entire world is declining to dust as losing value today because our youth, coming into new community we now forget our entire culture has to understand that without having your blessing from your father, Mother, Traditional, and your Entire community Elder’s our value in present of our world now would be totality waste.
    This is my reason of establishing this massive on your platform, Upon all this effort and idea we all ,Ogoni’s as Marginalized and oppressed People as group we all have been lacking working together and being in stretch land, as operating on Individualistic activities is not going to be the best match for us,
    Faith without work is vanity and with this reason you all have to join with the Ogoni center for Development and Documentation Inc, has to honor and host with them there up coming Events as welcoming all government officials, Business owners, Communities Leaders, and Church Leaders, at the Carpenter’s Library on the first of June 2012 after this meeting every one among this above mention group listed here may received there Duns numbers as possible way of indicating to our community Leaders the effort they were investing in concerned with group claim by serving This meeting may start from 3pm to 530pm.
    If this above mention group is in existence (1) ogoni christian fellowship International,(2) Ogoni Youth Network, (3) Ogoni INC 1 (Ogoni INC 2) Those representing these above body should come forward as to be in attendance with an emergency meeting before the date of this meeting comment,.This may be done as Possible means of resolute our entire differences by achieved our hopeful aim with no doubt’s.
    Thanks Sincerely , Monday Kogbara.(O.C.D.D. President and Community organizer) Operation End Crime (OEC) USA.


    we are the sons and daughter of ogoni always be happy that you were born into this land and stop been dejected about our requst from nigeria

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